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Abel Evans - Certificate of Citzenship

Elisha Hildebrand Davis Family

Front row: Mary Ann Minerva Davis, Elisha Hildebrand Davis holding children
Second Row: on Right Edith Richards Davis
Portrait on wall:  Mary Ann Mitchell

Mary Ann Mitchell Davis

Mary Ann Mitchell Davis

   The following narration was placed in the cornerstone box of the old relief Society Building in Provo, Utah in 1880. The box was to be opened fifty years later. The envelope containing this personal history was addressed to her three granddaughters. Sarah Ann Davis (Kittinger) was the one to whom the envelop was delivered in 1930. It read as follows:

   "My much loved granddaughters, I thought that I would write a brief sketch of my life. My name is Mary Ann Mitchell Davis, I was born in London, England 19 October 1822. My parents are Robert and Sarah Mitchell. My grandfather and mother on my father's side were Welch.Their names were Robert and Mary Mitchell, which is all I know of my father's folks.

   My father died when I was two years old. My great grandfather on my mother's side was named Gerring. They were born in Gloustershire, England. My grandfather's name was John Hunt. My grandmother's maiden name was Sarah Gerring, born in Gloustershire, England. They had ten children, two died in infancy, eight were raised. Their names are James, Susan, John, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah, Mary Ann, and Jane. They are all dead except my aunt Jane.

   I never had a brother or sister. My mother lived a widow until I was eleven years old, when she married William Booth. When I was nineteen my mother went blind and remained so until she died at my home in Lehi, Utah in 1875.

   I was married to Elisha Hildebrand Davis (senior), December 25, 1846. I am the happy mother of eight children whose names are as follows: Mary Ann Minerva, Elisha Hildebrand, Sarah Agnes Orinda Jane, George Edward, Alphonzo Mitchell, Edith Richards, and Sabina Ann.

   My oldest daughter is deaf and dumb, but is of a very amiable disposition, and also a natural genius. She has made a variety of beautiful work which has been a blessing to our household.

   I received the Gospel from Lorenzo Snow. I was baptized the 4th day of February, 1841. I can bear a faithful testimony to the truths of the Gospel and set to my seal that God is true.

   I sailed from England on the ship, America, on 21 January 1847, arriving in New Orleans 3 April, in St. Louis the 17th and in Iowa  the 24th of May in the same year. I arrived in the valley the 9th day of October 1853. I have been a treasurer in the Relief Society for fourteen years, also a teacher in the Sunday School for thirteen years. I am also the President in the Primary Association. I can truly say that I have had great joy in my labors.

   I will share an acrostic that Wilford Woodruff wrote for her, he was one of the Twelve.
           More precious than gold or the pearls of the east,
           Are the virtues and beauties that adorn thy mind
           Round thee all noble spirits share in that richest feast
           Your melodious voice imparts from lovely gifts divine.

           Adorne's thy soul, with gems which angels love
           No power shall take thy crown, for that's secure above.
           Noble has been thy aim, through all thy deeds of life.

           May thy future life be marked by God's won hand
           Inspired by eternal truth, let peace and joy surround thy brow
           Trend in the holy courts of God in Zion's chosen land
           Celestial love shall through thy sacred bosom flow
           Heaven's highest blessings are in store for thee.
           Eternity must lift the veil to point to they domains
           Live then O Novel lady, for those gifts so free
           Lift up thy head in glory with kindred spirits reign.

      Your grandfather's name is Elisha Hildebrand Davis. He was born in Columbiana Co, Ohio. His father's name was Isaac Davis. His mother's name was Edith Richards. Abijah Richards was of English descent. His grandmother's name was Esther Daniels who was of German descent.

     Your grandfather was on a mission for a great many years. He traveled through many of the states preaching the Gospel of the Son of God, suffering much, but his labors were greatly blessed for many were added to the Church through his diligence. He went to England in 1844. We have been married for thirty-four years and have lived a life of peace and happiness, uniting our desires for the benefit of our posterity. We have a great desire that our children's children for many generations may walk in the path of righteousness and enjoy the gifts of the Gospel, which will bring them joy and peace.

    I have seen many changes since I was baptized, also much joy and sorrow. I have seen many turn aside and walk the paths of the ungodly. I have also seen the righteous praise God in the midst of their afflictions. I can say in the sincerity of my heart that those that seek God shall find him, and the faithful shall have grace sufficient for their day.

    I have received many gifts of the Gospel, which have brought with them that spirit which dwells with my Father in Heaven, and my testimony is that the faithful shall never be moved out of their place.

    I conclude by wishing that my posterity nay never turn aside from the truths, that their habitations may be lovely and be filled with the spirit of God, and that lives may fall to them in pleasant places, and that they may be numbered us as the precious jewels of Him who is our Father and our God, and believe me to be,

                                 Your loving and affectionate grandmother
                                                   Mary Ann Mitchell Davis
note: This is to come forth in 1930, fifty years from now. My home is in Lehi, Utah."            

 Biography of Mary Ann Mitchell Davis
(Written by her Husband, Elisha H. Davis)

Mary Ann Mitchell Davis was the daughter of Robert and Sarah Hunt Mitchell and was born in London, England, October 19 1822.  She was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1842.  She was married to Elisha H. Davis in London, December 25, 1846.  she emigrated with her husband to the United States March 7, 1847.  She lived in Winter Quarters, Nebraska one year, in Iowa three years and immigrated to Utah in 1852.

She received her endowments in Salt Lake city, March 24, 1854 and was sealed to her husband March 32, 1854.   She was made a president in the Primary Association of Lehi, October 16, 1888, working in that capacity several years and commenced to be a faithful worker in the Sunday School in 1867 and continued to be a very diligent and faithful worker therein until her death September 14, 1892.  She was treasurer of the Relief Society many years and an energetic and useful laborer therein until her death.

She had great influences over the young whom she won to her by her strong affection and undying love.  She was a true wife, and most affectionate mother, beloved by nearly all who knew her.  In poverty she never murmured, but worked beyond her strength for her family.

As a saint, she lived a holy life, and had the gift of interpretation of tongues which she received in her early association with the Church and retained until her death.
She received her second anointing with her husband Aug 15, 1864 from Georg A. Smith.

Elisha Hildebrand Davis - letter to Grandmother

My Dear Grandmother - Nauvoo, April 21, 1847

My Dear Grandmother,
   For the first time in my life I sit to write a letter to thee. I am happy to say I am well and sincerely hope this may find thee alive and well. I have just arrived here from England where I have been for two years and a half. Ruth lives here and has been sick for some time. Esther is here taking care of her however she is getting well now.
   I am sorry to inform thee my sister Sabrina Harrison died of Black Canker on the 22nd of February. This we learn by letter from father.  She was not sick long, left 3 children with my father, Isaac Harrison. I believe has gone to California but I suppose will return.  Father is at a place on the Missouri River called Council Bluffs --- and were all tolerable well in health the last account. Elizabeth is married to a young man named Henry Boley from Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania and Hannah is married to a Mr. Isaac Brown from Canada.
   Will Uncle Abijah or Uncle Rowland please write to Esther R. Davis or R.L. Peck direct to Nauvoo, Illinois and they will know where I am and communicate with me.
   I have lived a long while without being married but I have got an excellent one at last (Mary Ann Mitchell). Perhaps grandmother will be anxious to know more about her. Well, she is the only child, small in stature, light hair, fair skin and dark eyes. She was 24 last birthday (19th October) and she pleases me, as hard as I was to please.
   The mob has drove our brethren all away from this place and taken possession of the spoil and are now living in the houses which they took from the rightful owners because of our religion but there is a day of righteous judgement coming.

    Farewell dear Grandmother and all relations for the present 
    I remain thy affectionate Grandson
                                            Elisha H. Davis                                                

Elisha Hildebrand Davis - Autobiography

Elisha Hildebrand Davis - Autobiography

Autobiography of Elisha Hildebrand Davis My great, great grandfather's name was John Davis, who came from Wales. Four brothers came together, tow of whom settled in Salem County, New Jersey, one of them in Pennsylvania and one went south. John Davis was one of the two that settled in New Jersey. His wife's name was Elenor and was my great, great grandmother. My great grandfather's name was Thomas Davis. He was born and died in Salem Co., New Jersey. His wife's name was Elizabeth Bassett. They were first cousins. My grandfather's name was Isaac Davis, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Davis. He was born in Salem Co., New Jersey and died at a good old age in Columbiana, Co., Ohio. He was a Quaker by profession. His wife's name was Hannah Hildebrand.

My father's name was Isaac Davis who was born in Salem Co., New Jersey. When seven years old, he emigrated with his father to Frederick, Co., Virginia, lived there until he was about 22 years old, then emigrated to West Township, Columbiana, Co., Ohio where he lived until about 1839. he having been baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with most of his family. A few months or perhaps a year or two after, they all moved 6 or 7 hundred miles to Quincy, Illinois, thence to Pike Co., Illinois and thence to Lee County, Iowa. During these movings, I was on a mission to the Eastern States. Then lived in that place about four miles from Nauvoo, Illinois several years and bought over 900 acres of land from the Prophet Joseph there; paying him the money for it. He and his family in 1846 moved with the body of the church to Winter Quarter, not far from Council Bluffs on the Missouri river, 800 miles above St. Louis and died there. He had been a farmer through life. My father died and was buried there in the Spring of 1844. My Sister Sabina Ann Harrison died about the same time.

My wife and I arrived at Winter Quarter from England, a few days after my father's death. My father died of black canker in the faith of the everlasting gospel.

My mother's name is Edith Richards Davis. She was born in Bedford Co., Virginia and was married to my father in Columbiana Co., Ohio about the year 1814. Her father's name was Abijah Richards, I believe of English descent. he died an old man in Columbiana Co., Ohio. His wife's maiden name was Esther Daniels of German descent. They professed the Quaker faith. My mother died near Onawa, Monona Co., Iowa, August 8, 1866 aged 72 years 3 months and 22 days.

I was baptized by Edwin D. Worley august 19 1828, in Sandy Creek on my father's farm, confirmed the same day by Elders Worley and Lossin in my father's house. I was ordained an Elder January 8, 1839 by Elders Lorenzo D Barnes, H. Sagers and E. D. Worley in my father's house, West Township Columbiana Co., Ohio, it being the house I was born and raised in. Next day started on a mission east of the mountains with the three who ordained me. Assisted in raising up branches of the Church in Chester, Co., Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania, also in New Jersey and Delaware. In the fall of 1840 I travelled to Nauvoo with a family I baptized, spending the winter there with my family. Was present April 6, 1841, when the corner stone of the temple was laid.

I left Nauvoo on a second mission April 24, 1841, arriving at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Book of Mormon preached in that region until 1843 when I left for New Haven, Connecticut. Labored there one year and built up several churches. From thence was called by President Brigham Young on a mission to England, arriving in Liverpool, August 19, 1844 and was sent to preside of the London Conference and presided there until December 1846.

On April 9, was ordained a seventy by Apostle Wilford Woodruff.

I presided over the London Conference until December 1846 and married Mary Ann Mitchell in London, December 25, 1846. We started for the United States same day, setting sail from Liverpool, January 19, 1847 in company with John Taylor, P. P. Pratt and Josefah Caine and others in the ship America. landing at New Orleans on the 7th of March. After a perilous voyage of 9 days and nights in the Irish Channel alone, proceeding up the river to St. Louis and on to Winter Quarters after a visit to Nauvoo and the Temple. At Winter Quarters in 1847 joined the 2nd quorum of seventies, remained in it until 1854 when I was made president of the 36th Quorum of seventies. My father and sister Sevina died at Winter Quarters a few days before I arrived. I remained there about a year and attended grist mill re-crossed the river to Iowa, built a house on the ground where the liberty pole stood and where the battalion was rallied. Lived there two years. My daughter Mary Ann and Elisha were born there. Removed 10 miles east to Keg Creek where Sarah Agnes was born, remained a year and emigrated to Utah in the summer of 1852.

Attended Gardner's mill on the Jordan River the first winter and in the spring of 1853 moved to Lehi. Farmed that summer and removed to Davis County in the spring of 1854. Attended Bro. Heber C. Kimball's mill over a year. Was ordained a president over the 36th Quorum of Seventies by President Joseph Young in the summer of that year in Salt Lake City.

My success in life I attribute to her devotion as a wife and help mate. Not an unpleasant word every escaped her lips to her husband. Devoted in life, true unto death, she has gone to the rest of the just, lamented by all who knew her.

My wife and I were endowed in 1854 March 245h and sealed March 31st 1854 as husband and wife in the Endowment House in salt Lake City. In the fall of 1855 moved to Weber Co. and settled at Bingham Fort, near Ogden City. Bought a place and farmed there that summer. The same fall, went out to Echo Canyon and Fort Bridger with the volunteers to prevent the United States Army from coming into the valley. At the time of the general move in 1858, we returned to Lehi, Utah Co. Attended Mill until 1869 when we moved into the city of Lehi and bought a house and two lots and other property. Afterwards purchased land and have continued farming and stock raising there since.

May 1, 1891, was ordained a High Priest by Bishop T. R. Cutler and was set apart by Albert Jones to preside over the High Priests Quorum of Lehi, June 27, 1896 over which quorum I still continue to preside and will be 82 years old on the 22nd day of next October, 1897.

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